A two-month-old baby escaped death after his mother buried him alive in an uncompleted building at Elmina-Bantuma in the KEEA municipality in the Central Region.
Some labourers who had visited the site told Adom News’ Kofi Adjei that they found the baby Wednesday morning when they had gone there to commence their daily duties.
One of the labourers who dug the baby out said he believes God has a greater purpose for the child in this world otherwise he would have died out of severe insect bites and  suffocation.
The labourer said he had to perform a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in an attempt to restore circulation of the blood to prevent brain damage due to pro-longed lack of oxygen.
“We were packing cement blocks. One of the guys called us to come and look at the hands of a baby. Yes, we were only seeing the hands out of the small grave. He was dying. We were told to relax for the police to come. But we couldn’t. He had been chewed by insects with fluid coming from his nose…” he stated.
When asked if he thinks the mother of the baby lives around, he said, “I don’t think his mom lives around”
Meanwhile, the baby boy has been rushed to the Elmina Urban Health for an emergency treatment.
The police have since mounted a manhunt for the mother of the baby.
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