Renowned investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas says he single handedly funded his latest investigation on corruption in sports.

According to him, neither government nor the BBC sponsored his exposé titled “Number 12” which shook the foundations of Ghana football.

He asked critics to stop giving out false information because he is more than capable to provide funding for the documentary.

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“Why do people have issues with journalists in this country? Why do they want to believe that journalists are empty and that we are unable to do anything by ourselves? I am capable and have the capacity to fund my own documentary.

According to him, he makes good money as a journalist and also saves to expose corrupt people in society.

“Because somebody is paid peanuts in a radio station, so you always assume that we are all the same, we shouldn’t save. If we believe we are doing our profession and that all we have is that, why shouldn’t we save towards getting a bigger story? Speak to other investigative journalists and they will explain to you how they get big stories done like my own.

“When I went to Nsawam prison and stayed with them and eat with them, did anybody ask me where I got the money from? When I went to the psychiatric hospital and took all the injections, did anybody ask me where I got all the money from?”

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“For God sake I am a lawyer and you think am not capable of funding the video. We do that every single day” he said on Joy FM’s Morning Show Thursday.

He believes those criticizing him are doing so because his recent expose’ have exposed some big men in the country.

“So, because it’s touching on some nerves, then all of a sudden I should be given the money by somebody. I funded this myself and I have said it severally. I work with Kweku Baako and other places, do you know how much we put to get that” he quizzed.

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Asked how much this particular funded, Anas responded saying “We don’t do such things; we don’t disclose the money when the document is still reigning. We still have more places to go and so they need to get it” he stated.