Controversial Christian leader Very Rev Prof. Emanuel Martey says some appointees in the NPP government are corrupt.

Speaking on the sidelines of the commissioning of C4C homeopathic center in Accra, the former Moderator of the Presbyterian church of Ghana said: “NPP also has bad elements…even some of their appointees are not correct…they are corrupt”.

Pushed for evidence, the former leader of the Presby church with more than 800,000  Ghanaian flock waxed biblical.

“Blessed are those who do not see but believe” quoting John 20:29.

This is his first public comment on the Akufo-Addo government since it was inaugurated in January 2017.

His criticism and explosive commentary of the last government of the NDC was a staple for media discussions.

The anti-corruption campaigner was a pain in the neck of the former NDC government which he condemned as corrupt. In a 2014 rant which went viral, the popular clergyman asked ‘where are the wise men? in an apparent reference to the NDC government.

The out-spoken minister of God endured a tumultuous relationship with the NDC with the Presby church appearing at the time to pit itself against the then government.

In one last controversy before bowing out as Moderator in 2016, Prof. Martey claimed months to the general elections, he rejected a $100,000 bribe plus a 4×4 wheel drive from a politician.

He said he was also promised a plush house at Trassaco complete with a swimming pool if he would tone down on his political commentary against the NDC.

After months of silence, the minister appeared to have resumed his anti-corruption campaign under the new NPP government.

While it is too early to judge the new administration, it is not difficult to say that corrupt persons have found a place in government, he observed.

Prof. Martey said when it comes to corruption, Ghanaians cannot look up to politicians for good examples of integrity.

He referred to a comment he made five years ago noting Ghana is pregnant with corruption and will continue to deliver corruption.

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