Member of Parliament (MP) for Juaboso Constituency in the Western Region, Kwabena Minta Akandoh has rained curses on Deputy General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Lawyer Obiri Boahen for accusing him of engaging in illegal mining in the constituency.

Lawyer Obiri Boahen has accused Kwabena Minta Akandoh of allegedly engaging in illegal mining activities popularly known as galamsey in the constituency.

According to him, (Obiri Boahen) he will name in the coming days the National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP and other functional executives of the party who are engaging in illegal mining despite their public condemnations of the act.

Lawyer Obiri Boahen Tuesday May 23, 2017 on Kumasi based Nhyiria FM “Kroyemusem” live radio discussion by Kofi Asante Enning made the wild allegations against the legislator and the NDC

“I can even give you more names of NDC executives who have engaged themselves in illegal mining. I have even filed a suit against Hon. Kwabena Minta Akandoh at Takoridi High Court” the NPP Deputy General Secretary revealed.

“Currently, I am handling a case from Bosian, Mafai and Juaboso all in the Western Region at Takoridi High Court against NDC executives for their alleged role played in illegal mining activities in the area”

He dared Kwabena Minta Akando and other executives of the party to take him to court to prove that otherwise of the allegations if they feel defamed.

But reacting to the issue, Mr Minta Akandoh urged the public to disregard the allegations by the NPP lawyer saying, he has never been involved in illegal mining describing the claim as completely false.

Rather, he invoked the dreaded Antoa Nyama deity on Nana Obiri Boahen for bringing his name into disrepute.

“I have never been involved in even small scale mining, how much more galamsey which is against the country. Since Obiri Boahen has decided to tarnish my image, I will not allow him to rest and by so doing, I invoke Antoa on him for lying against me.

“I will deal with him legally. I will deal with him spiritually. I will deal with him logically. If I, Kwabena Mintah Akando, have done galamsey of any sort in this country not even just what he’s talking about; the river in my hometown, ‘Antoa Nyama’, lightening should strike me dead. If it’s not like that and Obiri Boahen is peddling lies about me to disgrace me in Ghana, his river in hometown should kill him. Lightening should strike him dead as well. He should have an accident when he boards a car.

“He is (Obiri Boahen) such a useless lawyer and a disgrace to the legal profession and until he speaks the truth, I will never stop hunting him down” he said on Accra based Okay fm.

Mr Minta Akandoh maintained that his reputation has been unduly violated causing him embarrassment.

He insisted lawyer Obiri Boahen knew the claims to be false but proceeded to make those claims hence his decision to rain curses on him.

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