Former Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, under the NDC government, Joseph Yamin, says Aisha Huang, the popular 31–year-old Chinese galamsey guru’s dealings go beyond what she has been arrested for.

Aisha Huang, believed to be deeply engaged in illegal mining in Ghana, was arrested earlier in May by the Ghana Immigration Service over her alleged involvement in illegal mining in an area belonging to the Volta Resources Company Limited.

It was reported that she is very influential and wields a lot of power due to the backing she receives from some high-profile state officers, including top security personnel.

But Joseph Yamin who is also a former Deputy Sports Minister and head of the anti-Galamsey committee for the Ashanti region said Aisha’s criminal activities can’t be equated to anything apart from armed robbery.

He added that, his intelligence was very close to arresting Aisha when his party was in power hence he worked with the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) and the Military on her case but failed to arrest her due to political influence.

“Aisha’s activities go beyond Galamsey. It goes into robbery. You can’t equate it to anything apart from robbery. I worked with the BNI, military, and the police on her case. I have never seen her before but she’s more popular in the Ashanti region…” he said.

He further stressed that, if he had only a month as the deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, he would have locked Aisha behind bars because he had already deported fourteen Chinese  ‘Galamseyers’ back to their country.

“If I were in Ashanti region for one more month, I would have arrested Aisha. I was very close to arresting her. Eight months in Ashanti region I deported fourteen Chinese Galamseyers…” he stated.

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