Orangutans are known for being aggressive, especially with humans, but a latest video in circulation shows exactly how aggressive the apes can be.

A caged orangutan fiercely attacked a man believed to be a tourist after he made a wrong move of getting too close to the cage while attempting to feed the animal.

In a calculated, one-timing approach, the ape grabbed the white shirt of the Caucasian male and pulled him closer.

Fear gripped the victim who made several attempts to free himself from the grips of the ferocious orangutan.

At one point, the animal grabbed the man’s leg and held him tightly unto the mesh cage, in attempts to bite off his toes.

From there, it was a tug of war between the ape and the man’s friends who were desperately trying to prevent the ape from feasting on the victim. It took 40 seconds for the defenders to finally free the man who was eventually unharmed.

The widely circulated video is coming shortly after a lion bit off the finger of a zoo keeper who was intimidating the wild animal to impress some tourists.

Watch video below: