The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has requested a meeting with the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) to try and fix hooliganism in the country’s football.

For the past one month, the Premier League and the Division One League have been soiled with violet actions from supporters of home teams.

And the Ghana FA has issued a statement to urge the police to treat violence in football as a crime and arrest perpetrators who are damaging the integrity of the game in the West African nation.

“That the Executive Council wishes to reiterate that criminal conduct at a football venue must be handled the same way criminal conduct is handled generally in Ghana by law,” the GFA revealed in a statement.


“The Association, therefore, urges the Ghana Police Service to leave no stone unturned in pursuing the perpetrators and to use all legal means to bring them to justice.

“That the Executive Council, as a matter of urgency, has requested for a meeting with the IGP and the hierarchy of the Ghana Police Service to find a lasting solution to these incidents at match centres,” the GFA further stated.

The Sunyani Coronation Park has been banned with Zone One of the Division One League to be played behind closed doors.