The Ho Municipal Hospital which is one of the oldest hospitals in the country has had many challenges especially issues of infrastructure thus rendering it in a dilapidated state.
The hospital, since its inception in 1927 has not seen any major renovation and rehabilitation works.
The poor state of the hospital’s infrastructure became a major concern for management as this affected the image of the hospital and to a large extent staff morale and service delivery.
In addressing the challenges, management of the hospital decided to embark on an infrastructural face lifting project where some key structures were earmarked for massive reconstruction and rehabilitation works.
At the inauguration of the of some key projects such as the reconstructed and refurbished operating theater, the Labour ward and newly constructed mother’s lodge, the medical superintendent of the Ho municipal hospital, Dr Lawrence Kumi  said in the quest to attain the vision by the hospital which is providing best medical service and quality for all, the new  management of the hospital (barely four years) decided to re-prioritize and re direct the activities of the hospital so as to turn its fortunes around.
According to Dr Lawrence Kumi, just before the new management took over in 2013, the hospital had recorded eight maternal mortalities in 2012, but before then the hospital recorded 10 maternal deaths in 2009, 12 in 2010 and 14 in 2011.
He said, the bad records made the public to declare the hospital as a death dungeon for pregnant women.
The situation, he said became so serious to the extent that even queen mother’s in the Asogli Traditional area threatened to go on demonstration to register their displeasure.
The theater according to Dr Lawrence Kumi was more than a death trap a situation which was very bad at the time.
Dr Lawrence Kumi however pleaded with government and stakeholders to help the hospital with an accident and emergency centre to facilitate emergency services.
The Volta Regional director of health services, Dr Timothy Letsa, commended management of the hospital for hard work in the midst of difficult financial and other challenges partly occasioned by the slow reimbursement of health insurance claims to facilitate over the past four years coupled with non-flow of funds from central government to supplement the hospital’s internally generated revenues.
The chairman for the program, Torgbui Howusu,Chief of Dome urged stakeholders to help the hospital in any way they can to achieve a better health delivery.
In a speach read by the Ho municipal chief executive, Mr Nelson Akorli and on behalf of the Volta Regional minister, Dr Achibald Letsa, he commended management and staff of the hospital for hard work and dedication and urge them to do more.
The newly constructed mother’s lodge, will accommodate relatives (mostly women) of the sick   take care of their sick relatives