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Blessing Mormah, a 54-year-old woman, approached a Customary Court, asking for the dissolution of her marriage due to her husband’s alleged sexual incompetence.

Mormah, a beautician, asked the court on Tuesday to dissolve her 25-year-old marriage, alleging that she was forced into it.

She said that she was fed up and could not continue with the marriage.

“My father forced me to love him. We have five children, two boys and three girls.

“Also, we always quarrel, we fight too often and anytime we fight he will tell me to leave his house.

“He forgets that quarrels abound in marriage and no one is perfect. I am fed up with this lifestyle so I moved out eventually.

“Also, his manhood is not working.

“When I found out, I took him to hospital and drugs were prescribed for him but he never used them.

“He always said nothing was wrong with him. Ok, if nothing is wrong, then perform your duty but he cannot.

“He also has no regards for my family. When issues come up and they invite him, he will tell them that he would not go to their place.

“Instead, he would expect them to come over to his place, such a disrespect,” Mormah said.

On the alleged non-functioning manhood, the respondent, Mr. David Mormah, was not available to give his own account.

The President of the court, Mr Koledoye Adeniyi, adjourned the matter to May 12 for judgement.

On the religious issues, the respondent, Akins, had earlier told the court he was not interested in the case and would not show up.

He said the court could go ahead and give its judgment.

The Court President, Mr Koledoye Adeniyi, adjourned until April 28, for judgment.