Today’s #kumkumonadomtv, Tannu gets shocked when she finds Nikhil at Abhi’s house and the two of them, once again, start to argue with each other.

Later, Tannu expresses her disappointment towards Abhi for not concentrating towards her but Abhi goes on to do his best to calm her down.

Later, the entire family collects together to practice the Ram-Leela and all of the members come one by one to deliver their dialogues.

Soon, Alia is called upon to deliver the dialogues of her character but Alia arrogantly chooses the character of Sita. She ends up making a mockery of herself and is insulted for her weak acting skills.

Later, Pragya’s mother delivers her dialogues and this gets Pragya extremely emotional. Watch the entire episode of Kumkum Bhagya to know more.

Although Pragya gets emotional hearing her mother’s dialogue delivery, she pretends to be unaffected by the emotional acting. Later, the preparations come to an abrupt end when Maithali and Pammi Ji start to fight each other.

Purab praises Pragya’s business skills before Abhi and he asks Abhi to become a partner alongside Pragya. However, Abhi does not seem much interested and instead asks Purab for an idea so that he can torture Pragya.

Moments later, ‘Dadi’ and Pragya plan to target Alia’s weakness, so that Alia will make the mistake of taking her secret partner’s help. Will Pragya manage to find out about Alia’s secret partner? Keep watching to know what happens next.

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