Today’s #kumkumonadomtv, Alia reaches the hotel where she was asked to arrive and exchange the CD for money.

Purab also brings Abhi to the hotel so that the latter could see Alia making the deal and catch her red-handed. Bulbul plays her role of being a music producer and fools Alia by giving her a cheque and getting the CD.

Purab, on the other hand, tries to get Abhi’s attention towards Alia. Will Abhi be able to catch Alia red-handed? Abhi finds his music being uploaded over the internet. Abhi is furious and asks his family members about the CD.

Pragya then speaks up and tells that whoever has leaked the music derves a severe punishment. Pragya then points at Alia and demands to see the CD.

Alia runs around the office and the house in search of the CD.

Pragya then says that Alia must have sold the CD and pretended to have lost it. Will Alia be finally caught? Keep watching to find out.

Tune in @ 7:30pm!!!!!