Happening on Kumkum Bhagya tonight - 26/10/2016

Today’s #kumkumonadomtv, Bulbul disgues herself as a man and sets of to meet Pragya.

Pragya who doesn't recognize her sister gets a shock. Meanwhile, Alia rushes to the hotel to crack the deal and receives a phone call from Raj.

He tells her to return as quickly as possible but Alia says that she would come back only once the deal is done. At the hotel, Bulbul and Pragya have set up to catch Alia but the find Purab at the hotel.

What will Purab do when he spots them there? Bulbul explains to Purab what Pragya's plan is. She also says that Pragaya didn't let Purab what the plan was because he was too close to Abhi.

Purab apologizes to Pragya and says that he would want to become a part of their team. Bulbul and Pragya then spot Abhi in the same restaurant.

Bulbul gestures Purab to take Abhi away from the restaurant so they can go ahead with their plan. Will Pragya's plan work and will she be able to catch Alia red handed?

Keep watching to find out. Tune in @7:30pm!!!!!