On today’s #kumkumonadomtv, Nikhil is furious with Tannu and Alia and he refuses to be a part of their deception.

Meanwhile, Abhi asks Payal to serve Pragya in order to impress her and Pragya is surprised to find a red rose on her bed. Moments later, Payal arrives with a cup of tea and further impresses Pragya.

Just then Rony arrives and decides to taste the tea first. He tastes the tea and begins to feign sickness.

Later, Abhi enters the room and seeing Pragya holding the rose, comes to the conclusion that she has accepted his gifts for her. Later, Nikhil arrives at Abhi’s home and apologizes to all for his previous day’s behaviour.

Nikhil further decides to reveal the reason behind his reason to reject Alia’s proposal. What reason will Nikhil give? Nikhil informs all that he is in love with Sonali and hence he cannot accept Abhi’s marriage proposal to marry Alia. Abhi agrees with Nikhil and is happy to see that he loves her.

Later, Pragya realizes that their theory regarding Nikhil being the father of Tannu’s child has been proved wrong. She passes on this information to Bulbul and she too seems surprised by the news.

Pragya however, makes up her mind to come up with a plan by which Tannu will herself reveal the father of her child. Meanwhile, Tannu and Alia seem impressed by Nikhil’s act but decide to be careful with him.

Later, Abhi once again tries to force Pragya to accept that she loves him. Will Pragya manage to bring Tannu’s truth out in the open? Keep watching ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ to know more.

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