The family and friends of Beatrice Agyapong, a 23-year-old girl hairdresser whose lower lip was bitten off by a Clara Atemperi, health personnel, after her boyfriend offered Beatrice a ride in his car, are demanding severe punishment to serve as a deterrent.

Though the biting incident happened on January 18, the Kwesimintsim Police are yet to commence any prosecution in the matter.

When Citi News visited the West-Ridge residence of Beatrice after her successful plastic surgery at Korle-Bu, the Auntie, Grace Honey, who takes care of her, said they have been to the Kwesimintsim Police Station on two occasions already just to make sure Clara, the suspect, is punished severely.

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“Looking at the severity of the crime, we were expecting that the girl would be arrested on the Friday the incident happened but was rather arrested on the Monday. While at Korle-Bu we got information that they have bailed the girl on the Tuesday as they wait for our return with the claim that even higher crimes are bailable. So on our return, we reported on Tuesday to the Police station.”

“After waiting for hours, the investigator said the commander has to see us before anything but the commander didn’t come till we left. They told us today (Thursday) upon going there again that they have given the suspect Friday to appear and so we should also come on Friday. What will give me peace of mind is when justice is given, because we wouldn’t see the actual effect now, that’s why we want punishment for this lady to deter other women”.

The house where Beatrice, the victim lives, is where the suspect, Clara also lived together with the boyfriend Ebenezer, who became the subject of contention for whom Beatrice was attacked.

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The Landlady’s daughter, Emmanuela Paintsil, who sees herself as a family to all the parties told Citi News that they have been living in the house with victim, the suspect and the boyfriend, and so they’re disappointed that Clara who is only perching with the boyfriend could do that.

She said Clara’s boyfriend is the one paying all the bills.

“The truth is that it is the boy at the center of this issue who is paying all the bills. It is his driver who even took them to Korle-Bu hospital. What we want now is for the right punishment to be given to the girl. We all live together as a family so if she had any problem, she could have told us, so it pains us how she attacked Beatrice. I share a wall with the boyfriend, and the suspect has left the house since the attack, but the boyfriend continues to live here. It is the boy who rented the apartment and the Clara lady joined him but they are not married. His rent is not due and he is not a bad person so we don’t have plans to eject him from the house”.

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Beatrice Agyapong, who is recovering after her plastic surgery told Citi News that the harm has already been done.

“You don’t know when you will wrong somebody. I think the harm has already been done so I can’t do anything about it. I leave everything to God. If it was for me, I would say they should not do anything about it. I wanted to stretch her but my heart tells me I should leave it”.


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