Gospel musician, Great Ampong, has shared a story of how he moved from a place of ‘nothing’ to become the prominent person he is in life.

According to him, it was only through God’s intervention and destiny that he has come thus far despite the numerous hurdles he had to overcome.

He has recounted how he lived and worked as an illegal miner locally referred to as galamsey at Tarkwa in his quest to make ends meet.

“The stories of people getting trapped and dying in galamsey pits are real. The pits will cave in and we sometimes try to rescue our colleagues but I stayed for six years in search of gold and to make a living,” he recalled in an interview on Accra-based Kingdom FM.

To him, galamseyers have no regard for death after a long stay in the pits since they encounter them on daily basis, hence see it as part of their lives.

However, he indicated the work is not as lucrative as it may seem, adding the proceeds made can never be used for any long term investment or business.

“You cannot say you will make money from galamsey to start a new life or use it for anything better except for food, wee, gambling and other vices,” he added.

At a point, he stated grace found him and that was when he decided to relocate to Accra and start life all over.

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