The government has announced that it has since March 1, 2018 scrapped VAT on 64 commodities after consultation with the various stakeholders.
A statement issued on Wednesday March 21, 2018, signed by Information Minister, Dr Mustapha Abdul-Hamid directed that the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) suspends with immediate effect the charging of Import VAT on the 64 commodity groups including; Mobile Phones, Electoral Transformers, Tractors for Agricultural Purposes, Solar Cells, Musical Instruments, Outboard Motors, Concrete Mortar Mixers and Day-Old Chicks among others.
The statement added that the decision was arrived at after extensive consultation between Government and various stakeholders.
Find the full text of release below;


  1. Government has done well that he has rendered ears to the plea of these stakeholders. It shows how much the government is concerned in making lifes better.But there is another aspect of these taxes that the government must show concern to review it.The Car Duty,paying as much as four hundred and one million cedis on a car bought at five thousand euros (two hundred and fifty million cedis) could best be described as EXTORTION.The government shouldn’t loose the sight that Ghanaians living abroad forms a powerful unit of government’s revenue. 8.2 million cedis coming from those living in abroad as review for the government is not a joke and must be treated with a bit of consideration not extortion at the ports . Don’t think we are soo ignorant and don’t know the value of money that you can melt out outrageous taxes and duties at the ports.You are making life unbearable for us on our coming back home. We are now forming a union here in Europe to come down to charge on the government for a review if government does not adhere to our plea.The ndc government brought out this outrageous taxes on vehicles just to deter foreign based Ghanaians to bring in too many vehicles because of conjunction in the country. Instead, he forgot that it was his duty to develop infrastructure, more road networks because of population growth to solve that situation and not on foreign based imports.It was a wrong judgment on the part of the ndc government to implement such a rule and as such must be reviewed.

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