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Go and learn – Judge hearing suit against UEW slams lawyer

Proceedings at the Winneba High Court turned dramatic after a judge hearing a case against the University of Education, Winneba schooled a lawyer over the ethics of the profession.

The school has been sued by a former Donkoryiem Assemblyman, Supi Kofi Kwayera over the continuous stay of its Council which mandatory four-year term expired in 2013.

The then governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) had directed the Council to act pending the inauguration of a new one, but this was not done.

Dissatisfied by the illegality, the former Assemblyman who describes himself as a social activist filed a suit asking the court to nullify every decision taken by the Council from 2013 to date.

He argues the existence of the Council contravenes Section 8 of the University Act 972.

The businessman also wants all contracts entered into by the University including a contract with Sparkxx Ghana Limited Paabadu Construction and C-Desk to be terminated.

Defendant lawyer, Sampson Gura with counsel for businessman, Afenyo-Markin

At the hearing Tuesday, Ccounsel for the businessman, Alex Afenyo-Markin filed a motion arguing the Council has no mandate to transact business on behalf of the school because its term had expired.

The defendant’s lawyer, Sampson Gura failed to file a response to Mr Afenyo-Markin’s motion.

A displeased Justice Ato Graves Mills shifted in his chair and took on the University’s lawyer questioning him on his failure to respond appropriately to the businessman.

Under a heavy tone, the judge told the lawyer to head to the bench to learn how things are done in the court.