Minority Members of Parliament have urged Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to go for tutorials from his predecessor, Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur if he wants to succeed.
According to them, the recent attacks by Dr. Bawumia on former President John Mahama clearly indicates that Vice President does not befit the Flagstaff House.
Ex-President Mahama, addressing party faithful at their Unity walk in the Central Region, rubbished the government’s project to digitize the economy – GhanaPost GPS – describing it as a “419 scam”.
“How can you launch a Google GPS system that is freely available on our mobile phone and say it is a national addressing system. It is such a pity. Why will you embarrass the president so much? You go and take a whole president to bring him to come and launch a system that is 419” Mr. Mahama said.
Following the former President’s comments on the project, Vice President Dr. Bawumia released a statement demystifying issues to Mr. Mahama.
“When I read his (Mr. Mahama) reasoning for such a description, it was evident to me that he has no clue about what he was talking about and was just engaged in parroting propaganda. I actually had a good laugh. Let me therefore take this opportunity to educate him and others who may think like him about Ghana’s landmark digital property addressing which has been achieved in less than one year, something his government could not do in eight years!” Dr. Bawumia replied during a Consultative Forum towards a Marshall plan for Agriculture.
But reacting to the issue on Accra-based Okay FM, former Deputy Finance Minister and a ranking member on Parliament’s Finance Committee, Cassiel Ato Forson said Bawumia’s response was harsh and an insult to former President Mahama.
Dr Bawumia, he noted is occupying the office of the Vice-President so is important that he take a critical look at his temperament.
Ato Forson said anytime the failure of the current government is highlighted the Vice President “runs away from the fact to say, ‘you don’t read’”.
According to Ato Forson, Dr Bawumia has not been able to prove to Ghanaians his understanding of issues facing the Ghanaian economy.
He therefore urged Dr. Bawumia to rather go for tutorials from his predecessor on how to run the economy instead of attacking former President Mahama.
“I think Bawumia needs to check his temperament. It is important that he goes to Amissah-Arthur to learn how to manage the economy instead of attacking Mahama’s personality. It won’t help and does not befit the office of the President” he noted.