Traders and hawkers who have been plying the roads of Yeji to the northern parts of the Ghana to transact business have appealed to the Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, to come to their aid.

They want the President to send some soldiers to patrol the major road networks they’ve been plying on for their business trips.

They are very confident that it only the men and women in camouflage uniform that can stop the armed robbers from terrorizing them.

Kwasi Owusu, a commercial driver who has been using the Yeji road network for ten years now told the activities of armed robbers are impacting negatively on their businesses.

“Armed robbers have been terrorizing us almost on weekly basis. They rob us of our money and sometimes even shoot to kill when their victims resist. So, when you hear of any attack it scares you from embarking on a business trip. You have to relax until you hear that their (armed robbers) have come down but nobody also knows when they will attack.”

“Because of these armed robbers, a lot of the traders have stopped trading on the route. So, if the government will send some soldiers on the road to protect life and property, we will be glad. Everybody is afraid of soldiers and so we will be glad for them to come,” he noted.

A trader who only gave her name as Birago said because of the activities of armed robbers on the Yeji roads, their last hope to a safer travel is on the Volta Lake.

However, she said traveling on the Volta Lake has not been smooth of late because of a worn-out pontoon they have had to travel with.

That aside, the low level of water is also affecting the smooth travel on the lake. She wants the government to intervene by supplying them a new pontoon that will make their travel on the lake smoother.

Some residents interviewed by this portal lauded the interim measures their MP, Dr. Kwabena Donkor, has put in place to deal with the armed robbery situation on the Yeji road networks.

source: kasapafm