Oheneyere Gifty Afia Dansoa Anti seems to be tormented by the fact that a very lively artiste Ebony, is now to be found only at the morgue.
Pondering over how life could be this short, Gifty Anti could not fathom how Ebony could be at the morgue and lifeless.
“Ei! So Ebony has spent 24 hours in the morgue?”. She quizzed in astonishment.
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Ebony’s death has taken so many people aback, including Gifty Anti.
Oheneyere, in an Instagram post, seized the opportunity to encourage all to live at peace with one another.
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According to her, “Wow!!! Hmmmmm Life…. So really what is the hassle all about? The hurting each other, being wicked to each other, being jealous and doing everything you can to destroy someone’s happiness, the betrayals, the disappointments…What’s all that about? The strong desire to destroy someone’s reputation?”.


  1. From my Uncle Daniel Agyeman
    Dear Multi media group
    I am really hoping my email will get to you from the UK
    First of all please allow me to thank you guys for the wonderful work being done to promote Ghana and Africa.
    I have been listening to the media regarding the sudden death of Ebony and to this we all from the UK relay our condolence.
    Pertinent thought
    I have been asking myself that at what speed was the driving going so much to the extent that when he saw the pile of sand he couldn’t put an emergency break on?
    If the driver did used the same road while visiting the family did he not noticed that at some point of the journey and on his Way back to Accra he must take note of that particular spot so he slows down?
    Please please please My fellow Ghanaians let’s not put blame on anyone but rather at the door step of the driver
    However if I may suggest
    To the musiga group
    Is it possible that,when you employ a driver, to what extent do you carry out safety driver checks?
    To what extent do you collaborate with DVLA to ensure the driver is competent to take responsible role?
    Has musiga groups set up a special unit to ensure their musicians are well catered for by ensuring drivers are fully vetted before assigning them to be responsible for individual person?
    Does musiga groups have unit to Which after confirming with DVLA their unit also go through basic checks such as knowing their road signs etc
    There are many accident occurred in Ghana to Which deaths could have been prevented
    I have visited Ghana many times and to my limited driving experience and knowledge I have while driving in Ghana, I end up disqualifying lots of drivers I encountered on the road
    Please please please we in the diasporian countries want to help
    I am of Ghanaian descent born in the UK
    How can we help to avoid unnecessary deaths occuring on regularly basis due to carelessness
    Why Ghana?
    I can be contacted on 00 44 7456002314
    Name is Danny Agyeman
    Thank you
    – [ ]

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