NDC protest

The Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA) has criticised the physical and verbal attacks on media houses and journalists after the December 7, general election.

In a recent press release Friday, it said media practitioners are constitutionally mandated to disseminate and exchange information without hindrance, hence dismissed all claims of connivance with the Electoral Commission (EC) to rig the election.

President of the Association, Andrew Danso-Aninkora, implored the security agencies to extend post-election surveillance to the various media houses so far threatened and expose the perpetrators behind such attacks.

“It must be stated here categorically that media houses in Ghana work independently of the EC, and that media houses had correspondents in the various polling stations and constituencies all over the country, during the elections and took information directly from such places.

“GIBA vehemently condemns the attacks on the media houses and journalists in particular. We equally reject any unsubstantiated claim of media bias and insults from any quarter of the political divide.

“GIBA deems any attack on a media house for carrying out its mandate or a journalist for responding to duty call in the interest of Ghana, as a sheer act of thuggery and baseless criminal cowardice,” the Association said.

Consequently, the GIBA is advising the leadership of all political parties to call their supporters to order.

“It is equally calling on all well-meaning political leaders, religious and traditional authorities, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Students’ Bodies, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and all other well-meaning Ghanaians to speak out in condemnation of these attacks,” it stressed.

“GIBA assures all that, together with the mandated regulatory agencies on media in Ghana, we are committed to handle fairly any complaint bothering on unfairness and irregularities on reportage that is brought to our attention.

“GIBA reserves every right to take any defensive action in the interest of its members and staff should the attacks persist,” president of the Association said.