One of the trailblazers of blogging in Ghana, Ameyaw Debrah has shared an interesting story of how he paid the price for daring to start a blog while working at online news portal,

Ameyaw who operates the blog, has said his Dutch employer, on realizing that his blog site was receiving attention from event organisers who made him media partner to their events, gave him the choice of either selling off the domain name to Ghanaweb or resign.

The popular blogger revealed that even though it was a tough choice to make, he chose the latter, in spite of not being sure about how that decision was going to end.

Looking back, I think I made the right decision, Ameyaw said of the outcome of the decision he made over a decade ago.

The blogger was speaking to host of Abenshow, Cynthia Tima Yeboah, popularly known as Tima Kumkum, on a range of issues including how the now popular blogger started blogging.

Ameyaw also spoke about how he has had to write for a number of online platforms including writing for Christ Vincent, also a blogger, for free.

The Abenshow is a cooking show aired on Adom TV where celebrities of varied backgrounds join the host to prepare their favourite meals and chitchat the about selected topics.

Watch the featured video for more of the Abenshow.