The professionalism and ethical conduct of the Ghana Police Service is being questioned following a twitter user’s terrible experience at a police check point at Dzorwulu in Accra.

The user in a series of tweets on Monday [March 27, 2017] narrated how a police officer at the Dzorwulu check point made his way to forcibly kiss her on the lips after stopping her for interrogation.

The victim, whose name has been withheld, was left stunned as the officer could not provide any explanation for his unprofessional and unwarranted conduct.

He respond, “I don’t know” when queried by the driver about why he kissed her on the lips.

According to the victim, her attempt to lodge a formal complaint at various Police stations attracted rather disappointing reactions including officers mocking her over the incident at the Achimota police station. “[I] Stood in front of them while they laughed their heads off,” she said.

At the Kotobabi police station according to her, officers there urged her to “forgive the guy”.

With no sense of seriousness to pursue the matter which clearly contravenes the code of conduct of officers, the victim is forced to look beyond the police station to the administration of the security service for investigations into the matter.

Meanwhile, the revelation has attracted a lot of backlash against the police service from the Ghanaian twitter community. The revelation, which has received more than 200 retweets has seen other female drivers corroborating the facts of the matter, and sharing their separate unpleasant experiences with police officers at various check points within the capital.

Most of the responses appear to be from female motorists, some of whom confessed to have had police officers groping them, especially at night at some check points in Accra including the Dzorwulu check point where the kissing incident occurred.

Although the victim of the sexual assault has said that the officer has been identified, the police administration is yet to officially comment on the matter.

The officer is reported to have knelt and apologized when she [the victim] went to the police station on Monday.

source: citifm