What Kofi Annan’s children said in their tributes to him

Source: Ghana/ Adomonline.com/ Dennis K. Adu / FB: Dennis Adu   

The children of the late former UN Boss, Kofi Atta Annan, struggled to hold back their tears as they paid emotional tributes to their departing father.

Below are the words of his son, Kojo Annan and his daughters, Ama Annan Adedeji and Nina Cronstedt:

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Ama Annan Adedeji – Daughter

“My Dearest Daddy,

I do not know where to begin but I have never truly understood the meaning of the words “I miss you” until now. I cannot believe I will never see you again, listen to your advice or reprimand as the case may be. Thank you for believing in me, your unwavering support and most of all for showing me how to live by letting me watch you! I will do my best to make you proud as you watch over us as a guardian angel. I will ensure that “alert” Adelano never forgets you and knows what a great human being you are! There is no such thing as goodbye, just a date and time when I am sending you ahead to prepare a place in the sun with the certainty that, some day, I will join you when my life is done!

Love you Daddy…until we meet again!

Ciao, Ama”

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Kojo Annan – Son

“This morning my eldest son “Atta” started his second-year nursery. As he held my hand on the walk to “school”, I was suddenly struck with both tremendous gratitude and deep sadness. As a little kid, as a young man and as an adult you carried me on your shoulders – physically, emotionally, materially, psychologically, spiritually. You took all my needs upon your broad shoulders, whilst at the same time carrying the world’s problems. It is thanks to your 45 years of guidance, wisdom and counsel that my shoulders were made ready to carry my family. I thank God that the love and profound bond we share transcends space and time.”

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Nina Cronstedt – Daughter

“Only an immense sense of gratitude is able to trump the profound sorrow I feel for no longer having you with us. Gratitude for all those years with you in my life, for the many special moments together, for feeling your love and support every day and for having Alexei and Ebba experience you almost as I have. You gave yourself to everyone, big and small, and will live on in us and the thousands of others who felt your compassion. You made a real difference and you will continue to inspire good. I love you endlessly. Rest in peace.