Video: Brave man chases, knocks down robbers at Taifa


A brave man, who witnessed a daylight robbery at Taifa in the Greater Accra region, exhibited an act of fearlessness when he pursued the robbers and knocked them down.

Though he was shot at several times, the courageous man chased and knocked down the two robbers with his white Pontiac Vibe car on Wednesday.

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In a Facebook post by a witness identified as Saddick Adams, known variously as SportsObama, the incident occurred around 8:00 am.

“Daylight robbery in Taifa: Two armed robbers on a motorbike robbed residence of Taifa Burkina few minutes ago. As they were escaping, the driver of this Pontiac Vibe gave them a hot chase. They shot at him several times but he managed to knock them down,” the post disclosed.

“Unfortunately, the driver in the process crashed down a high tension pole and knocked another lady into a wall.

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“Both driver and lady in critical condition but one robber arrested. The other fired gunshots before bolting, while the police pursued him, pandemonium here,” the post added.




  1. Sorry but this does not look like bravery; it is share fooolishness and a stupppid quest for fame. what is the wealth of the robbery compared to the cost of damages he has caused?