RESEC seeking to foment trouble in Yilo-Paramount Chief

Source: Adom News/Kwame Yankah   

Paramount Chief of Yilo Krobo traditional area, Oklepeme Nuer Anorbaa Sasraku II is alleging that Eastern Regional Security Council (RESEC) is conspiring with some individuals to foment trouble in Yilo.

“We would like to use this opportunity to tell Ghanaians that it is rather the RESEC which is conspiring to incite problem in Yilo…if you are a new chief definitely you will have some people who won’t be happy with you, ”he said.

This follows speculations that an injunction has been placed on the celebration of this year’s Kloyosikplemi festival over security situation in the area.

“We the chiefs don’t know where they (RESEC) are getting their information from. The various security agencies have their men on the ground. They should contact them to confirm whether there are clashes and bloodshed like being speculated,” he said.

Though a motion filed by the RESEC at Koforidua High court to restrain the celebration will be heard on Wednesday, he sees this as a ploy.

“The people of Yilo have been celebrating this festival in the last 25 years so why now? When they succeed with their injunction, they (RESEC) must be ready to restrain the people from celebrating it since the festival is not about me,” he advised.

Addressing a section of the media at Somanya, Oklepeme Nuer Anorbaa Sasraku II insisted the traditional area is peaceful but some individuals are trying everything possible to mar a peaceful celebration.

“We recently held a crusade dubbed, ‘King’s praise crusade’ and this was done without assistance of police or security agency. This should tell you how peaceful and united we are as a people,” Nuer Anorbaa Sasraku II remarked.

He is therefore urging the RESEC and other factions not to destabilize the area.

Meanwhile Oklepeme Nuer Anorbaa Sasraku II says the mixed signals is robbing the residents of financial gains.

“This is a period for our people to make good sales. Some have even taken loan facilities to expand their businesses ahead of the celebration. Their hope of getting good money to take care of their families is being dashed with this interference,” he indicated.

His sub-chiefs and elders assured of their commitment to ensuring peace in the respective area.

Some residents including traders who spoke to Adom News’ Kwame Yankah said they have injected capital into their businesses ahead of the festival but further delay will make it difficult their recoup money injected.

They are hopeful the celebration will take place without any interference.

The area is patiently waiting for court’s decision on Wednesday.