Photos: Nigerian men drink dirty water to celebrate Buhari’s return


The return of Nigerian President to the country after three months of medical leave in the United Kingdom has generated a lot of excitement among citizens.

Facebook user, Muh’d Kabir Wusasa who vowed to drink mud water upon President Buhari’s return, has kept his promise.

The elated Nigerian man shared a photo of him drinking mud water in celebration of the president’s return. He captioned it;

”The Full Covenant of the Covenant If You Want to Become Full Member When You Make a Covenant Try To Fill. I promised every day that President Buhari returns to Nigeria from his trip to London, and I will drink water because of the pain of depression. Alhamdulillah! God filled me with my head and I drank water.”

Meanwhile another viral photo shows a man drinking soft drink from the ground, also in celebration of president Buhar’s return.