PHOTOS: Atebubu residents and animals battle for drinking water


Residents of Konkomaline, Ahotor and Adom suburbs of Atebubu in the Brong Ahafo region share their only source of drinking water with cattle.

The water source which is a dam known among the town folks as “TUSE” serves the communities due to water crisis that has hit the Atebubu Township recently.

Some residents who spoke to Adom News reporter, Koofori Bossu Denkye, said the lack of potable water has become so much of a problem in the communities that they are forced them to share the only dam with their livestock.

“We drink water that is also drunk by animals like dogs, cattle, goats and sheep. The stream is currently serving as the main source of drinking water for a population of over 5000; the stream water is mostly very dirty, full of impurities”, a resident narrated.

The residents who say they have no potable water and as such have no choice than to depend on the dam have appealed to government and other stakeholders to come to their aid.

The water crisis, according to them, has also affected both teaching and learning as both teachers and students struggle for water day in day out before going to school.