KOD burns shirt from Donald Trump’s signature collection

Source: AdomOnline.com   

Popular radio host and CEO of the Nineteen57 fashion house, Kofi Okyere Darko (KOD), has set fire to some shirts he bought from the Donald Trump signature collection, some years ago.

KOD, who turns 40 years-old today, posted a video via his Facebook wall, where he explained that at the time he bought the shirts, he thought Donald Trump was a man he could look up to.

However, based off the recent conduct of the American President, KOD decided to burn the shirt on behalf of all.

“Africans and the oppressed around the world.” “I chose my 40th birthday to burn this signature collection shirt from Donald J Trump! I bought this shirt four years ago because as a child, I thought Trump was someone I could look up to…That shithole doesn’t deserve a place in my space…I’m burning this on behalf of all Africans and the oppressed across the world,” KOD wrote.