FABEWOSO: Captain Smart, Ambulance man clash on live radio over “defected” ambulances (VIDEO)

Source: Ghana | Adomonline.com | Dennis K. Adu | FB: Dennis Adu   

Adom FM’s studio nearly caught “fire” when one, Mr Richard Dzapka, contracted to supply the country with ambulances sat on Adom FM’s flagship morning show Dwaso Nsem to explain why he allegedly imported vehicles that failed to meet specification.

Documents available to Adom FM indicate that Richard Dzakpa of Dzakpa@Business was contracted to supply ambulances to the Ministry of Health but technical examination conducted on the vehicles in 2015, allegedly revealed many defects.

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But Mr Dzapka who was brought to the show to answer questions relating to the vehicles, blamed two ex-ministers for sabotaging the ambulance contract.

He further denied fraud allegations levelled against him by Captain Smart saying the show host was not being fair to him and his company.

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Mr Richard Dzapka

The situation led to a banter between the two gentlemen before calm was subsequently restored by producers for the show to continue.

Watch the video of the banter above: