Minister-designate for Inner City and Zongo Development says the Zongo Development Fund would not be used to fund marriages, ‘outdooring’ and funeral ceremonies.

Abubakar Siddique Boniface said whenever he attends any of such social events; his donations would be as a friend or minister but not monies from the Fund.

Answering questions from Asawase Member of Parliament (MP) during his vetting by Parliament’s Appointments Committee, Wednesday, Mr Boniface said the Funds would be dedicated to infrastructural development in the Zongos. 

He spoke about how he would champion the educational needs of the people of the Zongos by putting in place the infrastructures like community libraries, rehabilitate schools in the communities and within the catchment areas of the identified Zongos. 

According to him, what he started under the Youth Employment model of recruiting Arabic instructors would also be given a boost.

Mr Boniface said he would also dedicate some of the funds to non-formal education so those who were unable to go to school can take advantage to upgrade themselves. 

Answering a question on communities notorious for early marriages, he said he looks forward to implementing aggressive girl child education in those areas, adding if the girls are in school, there will be no need for them to be married away.

The nominee said the funds would be dedicated to making sure the drains and roads in the Zongo communities will be developed. 

Despite their knowledge of ICT, the youth in the Zongos are noted for using the ICT to defraud people, something the minister said would change with the institution of this new ministry. 

According to him, he would explore ways for the youth to use the knowledge in ICT to their advantage and push positive causes as has been done in Jamaica and Brazil.