Leader of a group calling itself Virgin Pastors has revealed the popular campaign song of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the 2016 elections has helped improve his sex life.

According to Apostle Job Antwi, the rhythm in the song helps him increase the tempo and movement of his waist during sexual intercourse with his wife.

 ‘Onaapo song’ which served as the theme for NDC campaign across the country in the just ended December 7 elections went viral across the globe.

The song according to critics is one of the best songs released in 2016 ahead of the election but was used by the New Patriotic  Party (NPP) to mock the NDC after it won the elections.

It was also played at parties, night clubs and even churches during the Christmas festivities by the citizenry who were praying for a change in government.

However, Apostle Job Antwi has disclosed the song can be best enjoyed in the bedroom with your spouse.

“When I move my waist according to the music, my wife will be screaming in delight; in fact it has helped me a lot” he stated in an interview with Kofi TV Monday.

The now de-virginised pastor said just like Adam and Eve realized they were naked after eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, sex has broadened his horizon.

 “Sex has helped me to become a matured man of God and it has broadened my mind in many things”

Apostle Antwi cited how his chronic catarrh cured after some bouts of “hot sex” with his wife to buttress the importance of sexual intercourse among married couples.

“I was going to buy medicine for cold and the pharmacist recommended me to have serious sex with my wife, when I tried it, my catarrh was gone. If you are a married couple, try it, it will help you” he advised.

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