Founder and President of Wealth Masters Group Benjamin Acheampong has stated that most of our tertiary institutions in the country are designed to produce job seekers and not job creators.


“Our schools are designed to produce employees instead of employers unlike the western world which turn students to employers teaching them how to solve problem,” he stated

Acheampong was speaking to journalists at the 2017 Wealth Masters Africa Summit where Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Government Agencies, and International speakers gathered to find solutions and ideas to improve business in Africa.

He noted that most graduates have become slaves seeking for non-existent jobs because school did not provide them with the skills to create work for themselves and employ others.

Benjamin Acheampong therefore advised Ghanaians to desist from investing monies in pro-poor programs thinking they are eradicating poverty.

He thinks government and business leaders should rather create opportunities for the youth by teaching them how to generate their own revenue.

“I prefer when youth come to me to know how I make my money than asking me to give them money, I prefer to teach them how to fish than giving them fish,” he emphasized.

Acheampong believes that giving handouts to the unemployed and poor people is tantamount to financing poverty instead of eradicating it.

He further urged business owners and individuals to join the Wealth Makers Group to help make their businesses visible to the world.