Communications Minister designate has allayed fears of a possible conflict of interest situation that may arise if she is approved as Minister.

Mrs Ursula Owusu Erkuful who is currently at the Human Rights Court pursuing a case of unlawful dismissal by Zain Ghana Limited now Airtel said there are moves to settle the matter amicably.

She made the comment during her vetting by the Appointment Committee of Parliament.
Member of Parliament for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa wanted to find out whether she had any legal score to settle with any of the networks and whether that tussle will not affect her work as minister.

She admitted that there was a pending case with Zain, a case that started in 2009, which is yet to be resolved.
Providing details about the reason for the legal tussle, Ursula Owusu stated that in 2009 She was disengaged by Zain Ghana, where she was then the Head of Communications.

According to the company, she was relieved because her “public utterances was becoming an embarrassment.”
Ursula Owusu said the decision taken by the company amounted to a violation of her human rights so she proceeded to court.

“It’s purely a human rights case,” she said, adding, “Zain is no longer working here. It’s now Airtel. The managers have changed.”

The chair of committee Joe Osei Owusu pressed further to ask if the current owners which is Airtel have taken up the liabilities of Zain including court cases and all.
Ursula Owusu reiterated that the managers have changed and the defendants in the case always make an appearance any time the case is called.

She said the case is purely personal and will not get in the way of her position as minister.
She promised to deal as fairly as possible with all the industry players.

Acidic Tongue?
Known for her abrasive posture and her ability to speak strongly on issues she feels convicted about, the MPs demanded to know if there were comments she may have made in the past which she now regrets.
Ursula Owusu explained that in the heat of campaign battle, lots of fire was thrown on both sides of the political divide and she had to throw a few salvos as well.
She said all the parties are guilty of foul language and hoped politicians will act like the way MPs act when they are in Parliament.
She said her connection with the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre where she schooled for her Masters in Security has played a role in toning down her comments.