The controversy over who is the legitimate king of the Ga state has worsened with the installation of a new Ga Mantse.

The Ga king makers, Abolapiam installed Nii Tackie Obli II on Saturday as the new Ga Mantse, a move they hope will resolve the chieftaincy impasse that has lingered on for the past two decades.

However, yesterday’s installation of Nii Tackie Obli II brings to four, the total number of claimants to the stool. The Kingmakers say it is the turn of the Abolapiam We to install a Ga Mantse.

The Shia Ts3 [owner of the house] of Abolapiam, Nii Okang Osiahene IV said they have had to intervene due to the troubles that have attended the installation of chiefs. He expressed disappointment at what he said is the greed and selfishness that have attended the installation of chiefs in the Ga State.

The installation of Nii Obli II follows a near deadly induction ceremony last week. An attempt to induct one of the claimants Nii Adama Latse as the president of the Ga Traditional Council was fiercely resisted as factions clashed at the Ga Palace.

The president of the Ga Traditional Council is the highest position reserved for the Ga mantse. However during the induction ceremony, there were reports of gun shots as youth groups besieged the palace to either support or prevent the induction ceremony. But for the quick intervention of the police, the clash would have been bloody and deadly.

There have since been heavy security presence at the palace to prevent a repeat of the induction ceremony. The kingmakers say the installation of the Nii Obli II will end the matter. Nii Tackie Obli II, 62, is the former head at the Lands Commission Ghana.

He was later transferred to Tamale but was installed as a Ga mants3 a few years ago. Another installation ceremony was held for him in Accra yesterday