President Akufo Addo has said that government will soon launch a national campaign aimed at investing fully in Agriculture.

Speaking at the maiden State of the Nation Address in Parliament Tuesday, President Akufo Addo indicated that Agriculture provides the best opportunity to use modern methods to change the lives of many, within the shortest possible time.

“We must boost the confidence of the private sector to invest in the economy. We aim to popularize farming by encouraging many people to take it up as a full or part time activity.

“A National Campaign, “PLANTING FOR FOOD AND JOBS”, will be launched to stimulate this activity” he said.

According to him, farmers in the country have been left to cope by themselves, without the necessary support from the government.

“For too long, our farmers have been left to the mercy of the vagaries of the weather. We have decided to embark upon a programme to provide water to enable all-year farming. We are calling it the one-village, one-dam policy” he stated.

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo noted that it is important to reverse the unfortunate trend of the past eight years, which he believes saw a regular decrease in public investment in agriculture.

“Food processing has been the first step towards industrialization in virtually every country, and it is time for us to take it seriously. Food processing will also save time in the preparation and cooking of our local foods” he said.

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