Former District Chief Executive for Sekyere Afram Plains Fuseini Donkor, claims President Akufo Addo has declined to ride in any of the official vehicles used by ex President John Mahama on the advice of Rev. Owusu Bempah, who’s said to be the President’s spiritual father.

According to him, there are spiritual reasons for the President choosing to ride in his own cars instead of using the bullet proof cars provided for his safety and protection by the state, and not because there are no cars at the Presidency for his use.

The Director of Communications at the presidency, Eugene Arhin, has disclosed that President Nana Akufo-Addo is compelled to use his private Landcruiser car and a 2007 BMW car, following the 200 state cars which government claimed has disappeared from the pool of vehicles at the presidency.

But speaking to Kasapa News, Hon. Fuseini Donkor stated that the decision by the President not to use any of the fortified vehicles available to him beats human comprehension, adding that there could only be a spiritual reason to the decision.

“There are enough cars at the Presidency for the President’s use. The bullet proof Land Cruisers and Toyota Avalon cars 2015 model which are in good shape are parked at the Presidency. So If now, we’re being told that the President cannot use any of these cars and rather chooses to ride in a 2007 BMW car left behind by ex President Kufour, and uses his own campaign car when he’s going outside Accra, then there must be a special reason to his actions.”

He added: “What at all is frightening the President Akufo Addo such that he does not want to sit in cars used by President Mahama. My only conclusion is that his spiritual father, Rev. Owusu Bempah has advised him not to drive in any of the cars used by President Mahama, and he can’t disclose this to Ghanaians and so has to tell a lie that there are no cars at the Flagstaff House. I’ve no evidence, but the only understanding that I get from this particular posture of the President is that he’s acting on the advice of his spiritual father that he shouldn’t use those cars.”

Meanwhile, Rev. Owusu Bempah has not been available to respond to the claims made against him by the Hon. Fuseini Donkor.