Luv Fm and Nhyira Fm, two leading radio stations in the Ashanti region, have lined up a series of on-air activities and outdoor events to celebrate Ghana’s rich culture and heritage in the month of March.

Ghana Month is celebrated every year to encourage Ghanaians to be proud of locally-produced goods, by patronizing and consuming indigenous products and services.

To uphold the pride of the Ghanaian, Luv Fm and Nhyira Fm, on the stables of the Multimedia Group, will treat radio listeners, social media followers and residents of the Ashanti region to moments of reminiscing.

Nhyira FM with Fufu Party climax

Programming on leading Akan radio station, Nhyira 104.5FM will inform, educate and entertain listeners in the rich cultural diversity of Ghanaian languages, clothing, food, music and dance, customs and traditions.

The Ghana Month activities were launched on the Obra show with a food bazaar, where diverse indigenous food items were sampled at the station.

The station’s flagship morning show, ‘Kuro Yi mu Nsem’ will share with listeners the history of various tourist sites and the dynamism of the various tribes in Ghana.

Power Sports show will celebrate legends in Ghana football, athletics, and go back memory lane to talk about colts’ football and old clubs in Ghana.

Mystery show, Wiase Mu Nsem, will focus on customs and traditions of Asantes and other ethnic groups in Ghana.

The Ofie Kwanso drive show will climax the Ghana Month celebration with the FUFU Party aimed at celebrating the local cuisine with a grand durbar at the forecourt of Nhyira FM.

“This is a time to come together and celebrate our heritage and achievement, and our dreams for the future. Together, let’s honor the past, embrace the present and envision a bright future for Ghana and all who call it home,” said Benjamin Ocran, Programmes Director of Nhyira Fm.

Our Heritage on Luv Fm

Luv 99.5Fm will commemorate Ghana Month by engaging listeners and social media followers with daily trivia questions related to Ghana’s independence, with customized made-in-Ghana prizes.

The Ghana Month education series will include sharing interesting facts about Ghana’s history, culture, and achievements. Listeners will also be engaged to share photos and videos showcasing their patriotic spirit.

Luv In The Morning will highlight Ghanaian culture, traditions, and independence-related stories and feature interviews with local artists, historians, and community leaders on Ghana’s history, names of famous towns, among others, while listeners share their patriotic stories.

The Metropolitan Mix and Waves will showcase a diverse range of Ghanaian music, share entertainment news and updates on Ghana’s music and film industry, while offering listeners the space to request their favorite Ghanaian songs.

The DriveTime show will create a vibrant atmosphere with lively music, host Ghanaian games, quizzes, and interactive segments with listeners as well as share personal stories of independence and national pride.

“There will be no dull moment as our DJs have created a Luv Fm Ghana Month 2024 Playlist featuring classic and contemporary Ghanaian music to delight our audience. There is something for all ages in this Ghana Month,” said Franklin Wireko Brobby, Programmes Director of Luv Fm.

Luv FM will also collaborate with local artists for exhibitions showcasing Ghana’s history and culture, as well as promote environmental awareness and civic responsibility.

Here are more photos from the launch of Ghana Month activities at the forecourt of Luv and Nhyira FM: