Ras Kuuku
Ras Kuuku

Reggae and Dancehall musician, Ras Kuuku, has added his voice to industry players calling on the government to decriminalise marijuana.

The musician argues that legalising marijuana will create employment for the many unemployed.

He has also dismissed the assertion the the product, which is current banned in Ghana, has the ability to cause mental disability, saying it will rather be a major product for export.


He further urged the government to consider the product as one that it uses to fund the popular Free Senior High School Policy, adding that the government must rather make laws to the usage of Marijuna.

“Developed countries have legalised marijuana; you think they are mad? Do they have more sense than us? We are far behind time. We should legalise it [marijuana] to improve the economy.

“We loose nothing; akpeteshie is killing people more but there are laws regulating its use. We can legalise wee to fund Free SHS because we have the right climate and lands and there is money in the business [of selling marijuana],” he said.