Political science lecturer, Professor Samuel Adu-Gyamfi, has described Ghana as a country in leadership crisis.

According to him, none of the individuals aspiring to be President of the country is sensitive to the people’s needs.

“Ghana is in a leadership crisis because all the leaders emerging are not conscious, and by consciousness, I mean pan-Africanism consciousness. African socialism is what I’m referring to,” he said.

He pointed out that, Ghana and other African countries are currently in a neo-colonialist state.

“We are presently at the last stage of imperialism, as Nkrumah predicted, because our leaders have become so dis-empathetic. They have no consciousness that the African mind, the African brain, the African intellectual, the African continent, and the African community must be built,” Prof. Adu-Gyamfi stated on Nhyira FM’s Kuro Yi Mu Nsem.

He described people in power as self-serving, who “when they assume power, governance becomes a family business. They steal money to secure themselves and elevate their businesses and family status”.

He further stated that, politics in Ghana and in Africa is an eyesore, as politicians amass wealth at the expense of the masses.

“Our politics is not worth looking at. Now in French West Africa, look at the rate at which coups are rising. Significantly, this is contingent on two major factors. First of all, the French take millions, if not billions, of dollars from Africa annually based on colonial arrangements, and then our own leaders steal from the people and siphon money from our shores to hide in foreign countries.

“They assume ministerial positions and, within the space of a year, own mansions all over the place. Are you a magician? Even Jesus Christ did not conjure mansions out of thin air,” he observed.

He attributed the crisis partly to the failure to train young brains.

“We are not giving room for learned and dedicated young minds to serve because it doesn’t serve our personal interests. Because of this, you and I will not be called to service. They will not appoint anyone who will challenge the status quo,” said the political scientist.