The Palestine Ambassador to Ghana, H.E. Abdulfatah A.K. Alsattari says Ghana has a stronger educational system compared to that of his country.

According to him, conflicts in his country have affected their education system and so Ghana’s education system is in a better position that theirs.

He said students in his country cannot have peaceful environment to study due to war in his country.

“Students in Palestine are forced to run from class or stay at home to study on their own because of war”, he added.

Recently, Israeli Forces have killed dozens and injuring more than2,400 Palestinians at Gaza in attempt of protesting US Embassy in Jerusalem.

H.E. Abdulfatah A.K. Alsattari said this killing have put fear in the people especially the Palestinian students making their studies ineffective.

He believes that educational system in Palestine will only improve if war in the country cease.

The Ambassador calls on Ghanaian students to appreciate the peace in the country and study hard to excel.

He also urges the Ghanaian students to love their country more than other country so they can have zeal to transform the nation in years to come.