The Ghana Medical Association is urging Ghanaians to patronise locally made foods in order to stay strong and healthy.

According to the association of Ghanaian medical practitioners, the increasing number of heart diseases and diabetic conditions that are reported to the hospitals in recent times are due to the consumption of fast foods, extremely fatty foods and unhealthy lifestyles.

Speaking at a health screening exercise as part of the 60th anniversary of the Ghana Medical Association in some rural communities in the Central Region,  Central Regional Chairman of the Association, Dr Justice Arthur, indicated that the Asociation was worried about the crave for fast foods and other fatty foods by many Ghanaians.

“We (Ghanaians) think the food that is prepared at the fast food joints and some restaurants which have excess salt, sugar and fats is healthy and we patronize them on a daily basis but the good food is usually the vegetables soup, fruits and other food prepared in the communities. And so we are not to depart from such foods prepared in the homes because they have been proven to be healthy,” he said.

Dr Justice Arthur indicated the Association was extremely worried about the repercussions the increasing consumption of fast foods is having on Ghanaians.

He stated that the consumption of such foods and other unhealthy lifestyles account for many of the non-communicable diseases that are reported in the hospitals.

“Such diseases are very difficult and expensive to treat. They send many to their graves because they are expensive to treat. It is killing many people. That is why in managing communicable diseases, we advise people to stick to the local foods,” he warned.

The medical outreach program by the Ghana Medical Association was aimed at literally sending the hospitals and clinics to the people especially those in rural communities that most of the time do have difficulties in accessing medical care.

At the Ntranoa community in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abirem Municipality, the Doctors, nurses and other paramedics screened close to a thousand people.

The people were screened for hypertension, HIV, diabetes and malaria.

With the support of Tobinco Pharmaceuticals, Kingsway Pharmacy and Union Square Pharmacy, doctors, nurses and the medications were taken care of for the exercise to be conducted.