The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Major General Thomas Oppong-Peprah, has disclosed that personnel who undergo pre-deployment training and concentration at the Bundase Peace Operations Training School will be issued with United Nations (UN) certification.

The COAS said this during his operational visit to the School where he disclosed that plans were far advanced to get APOTS affiliated with the UN education system.

This, he explained, will enable them to award UN-accredited certification for its training modules.

He noted this was intended to enhance the professional output of personnel while furthering their career development and making them internationally competitive even after their military service.

Major Oppong-Peprah ‘s visit was to interact with personnel of the United Nations Mission In South Sudan (UNMISS) Ghanbatt 10 who were undergoing pre-deployment training and concentration at the School ahead of their insertion into the operational area in Sudan.

During the visit, the Commanding Officer, APOTS, Colonel CK Dingaane, briefed the COAS on developments at the school and their schedule of activities for the year.

He appreciated the COAS for his support to the school and led him to inspect ongoing construction works in the School.

He also told personnel to be committed to the training, adding that the current security situation in the Sub-region required them to maintain their professional posture, stay alert and be vigilant always.

“Training is important to enable us to meet the security threat and deal with it while staying alive to deliver the mandate,” he said.

He, therefore, reminded troops of his vision and called on them to abide by the strategy he had adopted to achieve his vision.

The COAS also called on personnel to unite and deliver their legitimate mandate of protecting the country and its citizens from all forms of threats or attacks.

He highlighted that though personnel came from different backgrounds, it was imperative for them to have a unity of purpose and uphold their pledge to the constitution.

He posited that it was through teamwork that the Army had seen major development across the garrisons.

At a durbar, the COAS stated that it was imperative for troops to stay united and avoid any divisive tendencies that may impede their work.

He stressed that the Army had seen tremendous improvement in its manpower requirement, logistics, training and infrastructure because of the unity that existed amongst Officers and Soldiers.

“Together, we fight to protect our country and its citizens,” he reiterated.

The COAS gave the assurance that High Command was committed to addressing the challenges that troops encounter with accommodation and other logistics.

He emphasised they deserved better, therefore, they should maintain their hard work, discipline and professionalism in order to attract better conditions.

Maj Oppong-Preprah also commissioned a mechanised borehole facility and a renovated kitchen for the School.

He commended the Commanding Officer, UNMISS GH 10, Lt Col Prince Tandoh for his sterling leadership and work with Commander APOTS to deliver those projects.

He acknowledged the healthy competition and the new spirit of Officers and Soldiers which propelled them to do things for themselves to solve challenges in their Units.