Cases of sexual harassment of female students by their male teachers in senior high schools appear to be on the ascendancy, a development that has gotten moralists condemning the reprehensible behavior.
Just last week reported a case in which some female students of the Ejisuman Senior High School in the Ashanti Region alleged that their Assistant Headmaster and teachers have been sexually assaulting them.
They claimed they’re under intense pressure following the harassment from their teachers who demand that they have sex with them, failure of which they’re threatened of being expelled from the school.
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In December 2017, female students of senior high schools within the Assin area in the Central Region made damning allegations against their male teachers, claiming they were being sexually harassed by their teachers in exchange for grades and money.
They claim female students who fail to give in to the demands of the male teachers are usually abused, hated, sacked from class and or failed in examinations.
In what has been the latest in such immoral teacher/student relationship, an audio tape available to this website involving a male teacher and a female student in one of the schools in the Northern Region, captures the teacher daring the student to go ahead with her threat to report him to both the Headmaster and Assistant Headmaster of the school for sexually harassing her.
The obstinate female student is heard telling the teacher she respects herself too much to date him.
The teacher then retorted ” go and tell them that this is what I’ve said so you’re scared and so you’re coming to tell them. And tell them also about the money I gave you and after that you bring my money to me.”
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The student, who’s known as Dorcas, rebutted saying “I didn’t request for your money, did I request for it, did I tell you that master give me money? I didn’t. You yourself gave me the money and I spent it. Even as at now, if you give it to me again I’ll spend it because I’ve not asked for your money.”
“…yes, you know I’m nothing before you but I’ll not give myself to you. Why are you referring to your money, did I ask you to give me money? You wanted to have sex with me and you gave me money. Master let me tell you GHC 30.00 cannot buy my vagina okay, my vagina is so expensive that money cannot buy it unless love. As for your GHC30.00, I can pay you back…GHC 30.00 but I just want you to know that I didn’t request it, you gave it to me and said you want to help me.
“…do you think GHC 30.00 can buy vagina? Me I don’t sell my vagina GHC30.00. Master, you even insulted me that I am stupid and foolish. Thank you very much I accept it. I know am stupid and foolish but I won’t give you my vagina.
Don’t you have a wife? even if your penis is worrying you, you should go to your wife and tell her that your penis is worrying you, so she should let you have sex, not that you should come to your student because you gave me GHC30.00. You know very well that I am stupid and you gave your GHC30.00 to me, now you want to have sex with me. How can you have sex with a foolish girl, If I’m stupid, my vagina is also stupid,” she told her shameless teacher.


  1. Why should the girl get so close to the master such that she could be exchanging all these words with him? I am not holding brief for the master but girls have enough power to ward harassing masters off. She should have refused the money in the first place then that would have been enough to keep the master at bay. Do the boys also take money from the masters?

  2. Apparently this has been what that teacher has been up to all this while in that school…
    This level of “scratch my back, i scratch your back” didnt turn out positive…. Aww headyyy hahahah. This“I give u money, u give me ur vagina”cases could be reduced drastically only in Ghana when our young girls r able to stand their grounds and refuse to secumb to such unthinkable offers from their masters asf. Like in the case of this girl hu has done this. (Congrats✌ anyway)
    Unfortunately, as for most of this shs girls too dierr ooo dabi dabi, any little hype or praise from any master or teacher norrr #skolom, we goo.
    # mastersdeygee

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