Communications Director  of the Ghana Football Association, Ibrahim Saani Daara says the Black Stars non-residential training is illegal.

According to him, the team’s non-residential training has not been approved by CAF which could see his outfit facing sanctions from the Federation.

This comes after calls by the media for Israeli coach Avram Grant to name his squad ahead of the Cup of Nations. But for him, he wants the “unofficial” training session of the team to be kept on a low profile

“This training in many cases could be illegal because it is not approved by CAF. The most important thing is that we want the players to be in shape, it is the reason why we have the physical trainer who has been in charge of it.

“Mind you there is a regulation concerning the invite of players to the National team for tournaments. Is two weeks before the tournament, so anything outside of that might have consequence for us.

“That is why we are not holding an official training session, they have requested that they be kept in shape, the reason why a physical trainer is keeping them in shape.

“There are consequences, I have told you, imagine that a player turns up, the time is not due for you to train and you turn up here and you get injured, the GFA could be hit with a bill that could collapse the federation. Is very serious, we’ve had this experience before, some of you might remember what happened in 2014.”