Dr. Eric Nkansah

This is an Open Letter to the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES), Dr. Eric Nkansah.

The writer wants to know, among other things, why students must pay to access BECE results and SHS placement when these processes can be managed without anyone having to make any payments.



Dr Eric Nkansah Director-General, GES

Dear Dr Eric Nkansah,


I’m writing to ask for further information on the fees associated with getting results from the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and Senior High School (SHS) placement.

Previously, it was optional to acquire a voucher in order to verify results. It is, however, now mandatory, and candidates who do not buy a voucher will be unable to check their results before the start of SHS. This is because the results are sent to the schools a year or two later.

This suggests that the authorities are deliberately hiding the results from the schools. A child will not be able to see their results if they are unable to pay for the designated voucher. Seeing a child pay for an exam, register, and then pay again to view the results is strange.

In terms of SHS placement, it is now evident that a candidate cannot attend a Senior High School if they are unable to purchase the voucher necessary to view and print the SHS where they are placed. It’s not fair.

As a concerned citizen and advocate for equal access to education, I believe it is essential to address the potential violation of guidelines set forth by the Ghana Education Service (GES).

According to the GES, students are entitled to their BECE results for free, and the process of entering an SHS should not incur any additional costs. However, reports have emerged indicating that some students are being required to pay fees to obtain their BECE results or access their assigned SHS placement.

This situation raises significant concerns about equity and access to education for all deserving students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds who may not have the means to pay these fees. Education is a fundamental right, and it is crucial that every child has equal opportunities to pursue their academic aspirations without financial barriers.

In the light of these concerns, I kindly request clarification on the following points:

1. Why are fees in the form of vouchers being charged for accessing BECE results or obtaining SHS admissions?

2. Does this fee imposition align with the guidelines set by the GES, which clearly state that students should receive their BECE results for free and that admission into an SHS should not involve any additional costs?

3. Will the education authorities consider reviewing the guidelines to ensure that they explicitly state that no fees should be charged for accessing BECE results or securing SHS placement?

4. What measures are being taken to address the potential violation of these guidelines, and how will transparency and fairness be ensured in the future?

I believe that clarifying this matter and taking appropriate action will help to protect the rights of students and maintain the integrity of the educational system in Ghana. Prompt and transparent communication on this issue is crucial in addressing the concerns of the public and ensuring that every child has an equal opportunity to pursue their education.

Thank you for your attention in this matter. I look forward to your response and trust that corrective actions will be taken to uphold the principles of fairness and equal access to education in our beloved nation.

Yours sincerely,

Evans Mawunyo Tsikata