The Chairman of the Ghana Education Service (GES) Council, Michael Nsowah has revealed that only four subjects will be studied at the basic education level from the 2019-2020 academic year.

According to the former Director-General of GES, the reduction of the subjects would be at the kindergarten, primary and JHS levels.

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Currently, some pupils take eight subjects while others take nine at the basic level.

But Michael Nsowah says the basis for the reduction is to have four examinable subjects because, at that early stage, children’s minds are not well developed to deal with so many examinable subjects.

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He told Adom News that even though there would be only four examinable subjects which will emphasise numeracy and literacy, it doesn’t mean that the other subjects are not important.

The GES Council Chairman added that the reduction of the subjects to only four was expected to take effect this academic but the curriculum review committee, thereby forcing the programme into next year when all stakeholder meetings would have been completed.



  1. serious ooooooo. but all the mps, DCs/MCes and all the big people today all did the same 8/9 courses . I remember very well that these free shs and the reduction in the number of courses is a total cheat on the previouse people who were renderd school drop-out

    • Masa you an enemy of progress. You did same so everyone should also follow suit anaa? I wish could see your face. Ghana has woken up we are moving forward. Mr Prosper with all due respect repost wae

  2. What I am reading?
    Please, GES never mentioned anywhere of their desire to call for a reduction in subjects. It is rather a move from the government.

    Did I read that children are not able to absorb much. It is rather the opposite. This was the same move u took and removed very impressive lessons from our curricula. Subjects like cultural studies that really binds us as Ghanaians were all removed.
    I decided to go back to my JSS to look for the social studies textbook to revisit the history about Ghana Empire, Mali Empire and Songhai only to realised that all those lessons are no longer part of our curricula.

    Very key topics about Technical drawing and skills have been removed from and the subject now merge as one.

    Instead of the country to pay much attention to technical lessons at the basic level and make sure that all schools have all the tools needed for technical skills and drawing at the basic level. Interest and attention are rather shifted to ambiguous lessons and mark my word the kind of subjects that will come out.

    They are rather finding ways to do away with employing many teachers to take charge of the double track system by reducing lessons. In this case what will the remaining teachers do.

    We have a big big big problem as a country.
    I can sense out that the double track is probably draining the country.

    I don’t have time to edit it. Read it over and over and u will understand it

  3. Mr chairman this is totally cheat on others who study the 8/9 subject back at school, even that,those that will not study the other 4/5 subject how can they achieved those subject.

  4. We even read 10 subjects at the JSS and wrote 10 papers at the BECE in 2002. What is Michael.Nsowah saying? An educationist like him. A one time Director General Of Ghana Education Service saying this?. Why didn’t he reduced it to Four (4) during his tenure as the DG of Education?
    They are all jokers. Mmctheeeew. Mada koraa ns3mfo sei di3 moanni anny3 d3n?

  5. Rather children learn more than adults.Saying that they are small and can’t take more subjects is a cheat to those above 25 years in SHS who take nine subjects.

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