It has emerged that the “gay” doctor who was jailed for defiling a 16-year-old boy could be given amnesty or a presidential pardon.
It has been three years since Dr. Ali Gabass, formerly, a medical practitioner of the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital of the Western Region got incarcerated.
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Media reports suggest that the doctor has been in the good books of Nsawam Prisons since his incarceration.
Head of public relations at the Nsawam Prisons, Superintendent Vitalis A-Iyeh, has disclosed to the Daily Guide Newspaper that the entire management of the Nsawam Prisons is considering adding his name to the list of prisoners likely to be granted presidential pardon soon.

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Dr. Gabass has since his incarceration in 2015 been imparting knowledge to his fellow inmates at the Nsawam Prisons, a development, among other requirements, that is bringing him closer to attracting pardon.
Earlier, the family of Dr. Abass filed a petition to the president calling for a possible presidential pardon.
Sulley Ali-Gabass, serving a 25-year sentence, has revealed that the just ended Ifta celebrations was one of the worst ever in his lifetime.
According to him; “back at home I used to organize small parties for my neighbors [both the Christians and Muslims] so we enjoy [but] all these are memories that we cherish which we cannot do here.”
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Dr. Ali Gabass was slapped with a 25-year jail sentence after a 16-year-old male victim expressed in a detailed description how the doctor had sexually exploited him.
It all happened in September 2013 when the victim encountered Ali-Gabass on Facebook and they became friends. According to the prosecution, the act was repeated at the same venue in February 2014.
It said in March and April 2014, Dr. Ali-Gabass lured the victim to his house at Alajo in Accra where he had another bout of anal sex with him.


  1. If this is true then indeed Ghana is a sh*thole country. How can a gay child molester/pedophile serving a 25 year old sentence be given a “PRESIDENTIAL” pardon after just serving for less than 3 years. NPP government wake up for the world is watching. He has demonstrator good behaviour so what, what about the guy who stole a bag of cassava and he is in for 10 years, has he been considered. At least let him serve half of his time before any consideration. President think carefully.

  2. The failure and sympathy of the government of Ghana to punish wrongdoers is the reason why Ghana is not developing at the rate it supposed to be. How can you incarcerate a gay and rapist for 25 yrs and release him only after 3yrs. In fact, if Dr Gabass is given a presidential pardon, there won’t be any doubt in my mind to believe that Our president is a gay or and LGBT advocate as people claim.

  3. I support you. He need to serve his sentence, how can such pervert be granted freedom? He used his power to abuse this child. No! No! Is not right! He has to be locked up. I am sorry.

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