Tullow Oil has reduced the volume of gas it supply to Atuabo processing plant for the next 21 days, beginning November 1. 

The action has been influenced critical works on the turret, located on the Jubilee FPSO which will result in Tullow cutting current daily supply by 40 million standard cubic feet of gas.  

Corporate affairs manager at Ghana Gas Company, Alfred Ogbame tells JOYBUSINESS, he fears the development could affect power supply and LPG in the country.

Meanwhile, a source close to the national team in charge of power generation says the action will not affect power supply in the country. 

The source adds that it will only result in the loss of some 150 megawatts of power from the Ameri plant, which had already made provision for development because it working on some maintenance works on the plant.

JOYBUSINESS understands that, is currently enough, crude to power most of the plants in the country.  

The source adds that they are planning to fall on some 200 megawatts of power reserve during this three weeks that Tullow plans to reduce gas supply to Ghana National Gas Company.