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President Nana Akufo-Addo is seeking assistance from traditional authorities to take away partisanship in the fight against illegal mining also known as galamsey.

The President says the fight which is wreaking havoc in Ghana will fail if it is not devoid of a partisan approach.

“There are many I intend to make of you during the close door session of our meeting, but one of the most significant which I have to state now is to seek your assistance to take partisan political interest out of the fight against galamsey.

“It can only succeed if it’s a truly national battle which no one seeks to exploit for political gains as we saw in the last election,” he said in a meeting with the National House of Chiefs at the Manhyia Palace on Wednesday.

The President stressed the fight is a national battle and therefore asked all Ghanaians to help deal with the menace which poses an existential threat to the future of the country.

“The progress of our country depends on all of us, all citizens of Ghana, all fellow Ghanaians pulling together to defeat this existential threat to our future,” he urged.

“I have said it before. We are not against mining, but we cannot accept mining in a manner that risks destroying our country,” he stressed.